How are we separated by smiles?

Aastha Aggarwal
2 min readMay 2, 2023
An epitome of peace

The home we often build together
often seems to be parted into pieces to fly like feather
Being close to my heart yet so far
Have you ever wished to a shooting star?
Just to thank God for the thriller stories hidden behind your every scar..

Growing together is a great deal,
It’s said that Time does a great heal
In life! positivity is always required,
Zeal and zest can’t be hired
Life has given me lessons in stock,
Correct time is shown twice by a halted clock
Life can’t be defined by anyone,
full of ups and downs, life has to run,
one’s with knowledge and other’s with gun..

Indeed, life is full of happiness and miseries,
like a combination of chillies and cherries
In the journey of life,
a lesson is waiting on every road,
What a relation!
to unlock happiness, sorrow is the code.
To gain fame, one has to create havoc,
Opportunities come but never knock
Being puppet of god,
to say yes! human has to nod
Trust must live in people’s den,
no care! no respect!
all want dollars, euro and yen..

At the last , Lemme depart,
But you, stay enthusiastic till moonlight like a free soul who hunts the whole beach for sea shells,
coz the joy of triumph sounds like ringing of Christmas bells …