Introduction to 30 days of Google Cloud…

To make students grab the concepts in deep without being pressurized , they divided the whole course into two tracks that are:

1. Cloud Engineering Track.

2. Data Science & Machine Learning Track .

1st track consists of a vast information about how to get started with Google Cloud platform as each & every step is elaborated with underlying a reason to perform it . Moreover , 1st track contained all the necessary information about how to use various cloud storage like buckets , vm instance & many other basic aspects .

As all are aware of the fact that in today’s world , Data Science & Machine Learning is becoming an integral part of technology , hence , the 2nd track emphasized on all the necessary knowledge about the same. This track consists of providing an excellent Google cloud platform for building various machine learning models that are used for various purposes by extraction of different sets of data into the notebook .To encourage students to complete their learning ,the program promised students various Google cloud goodies after collecting all the skill badges of either one or both the tracks.

To travel more into this Roller Coaster ride: Visit here.

Happy Learning !



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